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Creating a local Bitdefender update Server under Linux

In order to create a Bitdefender update server and distribute the updates for one or more Bitdefender products on your local network, download the Bitdefender Update Server script and run it with the command:


The script accepts one or more arguments. These arguments are determined by the products installed on your network:

All products
update71: folder containing the virus engines updates. To update the server products only this argument is required.
Bitdefender Enterprise Manager (English)

Bitdefender Client Professional Plus (English)

  • update71
  • en_profadd_80
  • xcommadd_80
  • bdssadd_80
  • bdlmadd_80
  • update_is_90
  • en_profadd_82
  • bdssadd_82

Bitdefender Client Standard (English)

  • update71
  • en_stdadd_80
  • xcommadd_80
  • bdssadd_80
  • bdlmadd_80
  • en_stdadd_82
  • bdssadd_82
  • xcomm_80
  • bdlm_80

Bitdefender 9 Internet Security (English)

Bitdefender 9 Professional Plus (English)

  • update71
  • en_prof_90
  • xcomm_90
  • bdss_90
  • bdlm_90

Bitdefender 9 Standard (English)

  • update71
  • en_std_80
  • xcomm_80
  • bdss_80
  • bdlm_80

As an example, if you have a network that has only Bitdefender Professional v8.0 and Bitdefender Standard v8.0 installed you need the following arguments for the script:

update71 en_prof_80 en_std_80 xcomm_80 bdss_80 bdlm_80

Another example, if you have a network with the Enterprise Manager 2.5 and Bitdefender Professional v8.0 wich is installed as stand alone and also as a client:

update71 en_ent_25 en_prof_80 en_profadd_80 xcomm_80 xcommadd_80 bdss_80 bdssadd_80 bdlm_80 bdlmadd_80 update_is_90 en_profadd_82 bdssadd_82

If you have another Bitdefender product on the stations, you can see the arguments that you can use to update it, from the following file:

C:Program FilesSoftwinBitdefender8live.ini

The relevant lines are at the end of the file and look like this:


for example :

Prod_BDSS = bdss_80

The script by default downloads the updates to the local directory. If you want to download them to some other folder you will have to edit the script, and change the line :

to :


After the updates are being downloaded, you need to publish that directory to a http server and to set the clients to download updates from that http location.

In order to have the updates downloaded automatically to your server, you should make a cron job to run the script with the arguments that you need. A good period of time is from 3 to 8 hours.

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