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  • Topprestaties en maximale beveiliging voor uw organisatie
  • Time-saving, efficient implementation of the GravityZone security solution
  • Quick return on investment

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Topexpertise tot uw dienst

An experienced team of security solution engineers is always on call to respond to your needs. Bitdefender experts are ready to provide the GravityZone solution that best suits your organization, ensuring it benefits from the highest level of protection and performance.

Neem vandaag contact met ons op om een offerte aan te vragen via sales@bitdefender.ro or 0374 303031.

Plan & Ontwerp

The Plan & Design service is intended for customers who have a well-defined Infrastructure, but lack the resources, experience or expertise to develop detailed production-ready design specifications.

Optimize your environment and go with a professionally designed architecture that guarantees speed and performance. Bitdefender’s experts will help you identify the best-fitting architecture to implement and operate a secured GravityZone virtualized environment.

Installatie & Configuratie

The Bitdefender Deployment service is ideal for customers who have completed the Plan & Design process and can benefit from expert guidance throughout the implementation to ensure a smooth and trouble-free install process.

Bitdefender experts will install and configure the Bitdefender solution so it responds optimally to the requirements of your business applications.

Product Training

Product Training delivers coaching on a personal level and provides your staff with practical experience in accordance with the role requirements for managing the security system.

Our training program will give your security staff the skills and knowledge to respond to cyber threats to your system’s integrity and security that may arise during normal operation.

Product Health Check

Bitdefender experts make sure that the GravityZone installed environment runs at peak performance so you can focus more on your business, and less on security maintenance.

Product Upgrade

(Available for on-premise installations only)

This service, available on request, is recommended for customers with complex deployments who need a major update to the security solution in a sensitive time period and environment.

Product Upgrade helps you upgrade smoothly to the latest Gravityzone version, ensuring top security and performance for the deployed security product so your business always overcomes security challenges.

“Ik heb nog nooit een provider gezien die zijn diensten zo afstemt op zijn klanten” Mike Turbutt, Dotter